Consolidating legislation codifying legislation

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All former sections of Title 18 were repealed, transferred to other titles, or omitted by said act June 25, 1948, except for sections 595, 644, 726–1, 726a, 729, 730, and 732 which were repealed by act June 25, 1948, ch. 687, the act revising and codifying Title 28, Judiciary and Judicial Procedure, into positive law. 862, provided in part that any right or liabilities now existing under repealed sections or parts thereof shall not be affected by the repeal. 109–248, title I, §141(a)(2), July 27, 2006, 120 Stat. On 14 April 2000 the Minister, acting in terms of the provision, enacted GNR389 of GG21088 containing the “South African Police Service Employment Regulations” (“the regulations”), which regulate the working conditions of employees of the SAPS.Chapter VI of the regulations deals with the “Working Environment.” Regulations 30 and 31 are of particular importance and provide as follows: Working hours of the service and conditions must support effective and efficient service delivery while, as far as reasonably possible , taking into account the personal circumstances of employees including those of employees with disabilities.Unfortunately the need to render a quick decision has denied me the opportunity to do the review I would have preferred. One can only express the hope that the line of reasoning which follows has not been impoverished as a result.The applicants, the South African Police Union (SAPU) and the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU), to whom I will refer jointly as “the unions”, seek urgent interim relief in the form of an order interdicting the first respondent, the National Commissioner of the South African Police Services, (“the Commissioner”), from introducing a new 8-hour shift system in respect of members of the SAPS engaged in line activity duties across the entire country.The interim interdict is sought pending either the final determination by the Labour Court of a review of the Commissioner’s decision in terms of section 158(1)(h) of the Labour Relations Act (“the LRA”), which confers upon the Labour Court the power to review decisions or acts of the State in its capacity as employer on such grounds as are permissible in law, or the resolution of the dispute through the procedures of the Safety and Security Sectoral Bargaining Council (“the SSSBC”), whichever is the sooner.In terms of section 24(1) of the South African Police Service Act of 1995 the Minister of Safety and Security is empowered to make regulations regarding the exercising of policing powers and the performance by members of their duties and functions; conditions of service of members; the general management, control and maintenance of the service; and labour relations.

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2656, inserted “and stalking” after “violence” in item for chapter 110A. 683, provided in part that: “Title 18 of the United States Code, entitled ‘Crimes and Criminal Procedure’, is hereby revised, codified and enacted into positive law, and may be cited as ‘Title 18, U.