Dental hygienist dating patient

07-Feb-2018 01:45

GEDC encourages community involvement – such as proudly donating to The King Center, The Children’s Center, Winning Futures, Mission of Mercy, Remote Access Medical and collaborating with Team Smile to provide free dental services to underprivileged children.

Whether you are a team member or a patient, it only takes one smile to change a day.

I was young and foolish, and wouldn't advise it now!

"Female dentists were especially likely to find dating a patient not just unprofessional, but totally unacceptable. “It is wrong according to Hippocrates's oath," opined a female Illinois dentist.

Overall, about one in five dentists reported having been involved with a patient at some point in their careers.

Male dentists were significantly more likely than their female colleagues to have had a relationship with a colleague.

Hi, I have been working in a single practice for five years. seems to have some pretty interesting takes on things.

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