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With supplies and hope steadily declining, Kelly makes a horrifying decision that will cause her to discover just how far she would go for her child, and what lurks outside." Written and directed by Mike Lombardo and based on his short story of the same name, stars Hope Bikle, Damian Maffei, Shannon Moyer, Holly Andrew, and Reeve Blazi.

To learn more about the film, visit: or --------- Harrow County #15 Cover Art and Preview Pages: From Dark Horse Comics: "Emmy has learned that she is not as alone in the world as she thought.

Other beings, each possessing dark and terrifying powers, have arrived in Harrow, and they claim to be her true family.

They promise to reveal the mysteries of her origin and the truth about the evil witch Hester Beck, but if she accepts their claims, she may condemn everyone she’s ever known.

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Now feeling appropriately frightened and claustrophobic, Sam develops terrifying hallucinations, which she keeps to herself.

The celebrity line-up for auction includes (more surprise guests being added): Lindsay Yenter – Finalist on The Bachelor 2013 Ash Lee Frasier – Contestant on The Bachelor 2013 Shawn Christian – Currently stars as ‘Dr.

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