Row cannot be located for updating some On line sex chating girls in telugu

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In the next section we will take a closer look at ADO's batch updates, what they can offer you, and why they are so important.

However, in this section you won't need them to solve the problem of updating a join, because in ADO, joins are naturally updatable.

Just during start of my application I read the table "tbluser" to check if the user is authorized - I have to wait about 10 sec for the answer - there is only 1 record in the table .....

row cannot be located for updating some-84

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I'm not all that familiar with My SQL, but the query translation OPENQUERY is performing behind the scenes may be causing your issues, and using EXECUTE AS would ensure no syntax tranformation will take place. Thanks Joe I must disagree as this is not a bug in My ODBC! scid=kb; EN-GB;q190727&GSSNB=1 you will find all the ways ADO uses to update dataset: ad Criteria Key = 0 Uses only the primary key ad Criteria All Cols = 1 Uses all columns in the recordset ad Criteria Upd Cols = 2 (Default) Uses only the columns in the recordset that have been modified ad Criteria Time Stamp= 3 Uses the timestamp column (if available) in the recordset From what I see in logs, and by common sense, I can say neither 1 nor 2 (Default) will work as you can't match FLOATs with "=": UPDATE `test`.`testbug11970` SET `f`=1.23123001098632810e 002 WHERE `id`=1 AND `f`=1.44977005004882810e 002 Changing update criteria to 0 (PK only) corrects the situation: UPDATE `test`.`testbug11970` SET `f`=1.23123001098632810e 002 WHERE `id`=1 Consider following, and working, example: Private Sub bn Bug11970_Click(By Val sender As System.