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Quit Set app = Nothing I strongly recommend that you lock down the app session before opening the target workbook: ` App.There is a variation of the connection string that we've tested for 2007/2010 files that works as [email protected] Zhang More importantly, it seems the tab name (in the square brackets, with the $ at the end) has some funny restrictions that I can't seem to locate at the moment. The Jet OLEDB drivers have a memory leak when reading Excel (all versions, and the predecessor ODBC drivers): you're going to get error messages about available memory if you do this more than once in any user session. This is great if the Excel file your reading from is intended as a data source for doesn't stop execution of any other code, like a modal userform would).You could just make the label display a message like 'Pleaes wait...', but if you are iterating through a list or number of records or something, you could use the label to update the number of records or the name of the current record for example.Say you wanted to show the name of the current record being updated/actioned, you can do the following: Where str Record Name (just as an example) is a variable holding the persons name of that record.If the person was "John Citizen" and this is stored in the variable str Record Name, the userform will show, "Updating record for John Citizen...".

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This is because you must have at least one row of data for the table to still be “alive”. You can hide the header and totals row, but you can’t get rid of the body. It deletes the Data Body Range as well, so all manual data will be erased, leaving only formulas. Data Body Range Is Nothing Then s Msg = s Msg & “Data range: ” & lo Set. That being said I consider this an intermediate level post. Row s Msg = s Msg & NL & “Ending on row ” & lo Test. [sourcecode language=”vb”] Sub Resize Table Rows() ‘/// Set misc variables Set WS = This Workbook. List Objects(s Table Name) ‘/// Ensure the table has a data range If lo Set.