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by Roberto Rodriguez Even now Hollywood continues to weigh in with racial stereotypes on the silver screen that leave sensitive patrons breathless with fury.But in 1926, Ramon Novarro stood tall in the chariot in the title role in MGM’s silent epic, “Ben Hur.” Novarro’s success was part of what some scholars have called “an early window of opportunity,” when Latinos were portrayed with dignity and commanded leading roles.Ricky Fife- USSB Student Trustee I was born here in New Hampshire and joined the Navy shortly after high school.I spent 10 years in the Navy (2005-2015) and I got out January of 2015.

Amy Hood- USSB Representative My name is Amy Eileen Hood. I currently work at the Claremont Adult Learning Center, an Adult Education Center.If you are exposed to HIV, these medicines can stop the virus from multiplying and spreading throughout your body.