Valentine dating site

13-Nov-2017 07:42

Would just like to congratulate you for putting the smile back on my face!

Have met heaps of new people, some that i can hook up with which is even better.

It does, however, have a delayed effect on singles (and other daters), causing a brief but prominent spike in traffic a few days after Valentine’s Day.

The Effect of Valentine’s Day on Marketers As marketers, it’s important for us to understand that Valentine’s Day isn’t an exciting, romantic day for everybody.

We found that online dating traffic doesn’t go up on Valentine’s Day, but actually peaks several days after.

Based on the data, we determined that Valentine’s Day is largely irrelevant to people actively dating online.

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Forget speed dating: welcome to the esoteric world of niche dating.

We just have to do it a few days after Valentine’s Day when they’re most active online.