Validating scanner profiles

16-Jan-2018 19:50

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A high-end drum or flatbed scanner such as a Crosfield or Fujifilm Celsis or Lanovia will need special RGB ('Customer Values).

These and many other high-end scanners were usually originally designed and setup for CMYK printing processes. which tell the scanner how to make a scan, and are in a file format which is proprietary to that particular scanner manufacturer, while ICC profiles describe the colour data in an image created on a particular device (scanner, camera, etc.), and are made to precise formulae laid down by the ICC (International Colour Consortium).

It is unlikely that any 'canned' profiles supplied with the software or 'found on the Web' will be of sufficient quality.

They will not match your particular scanner's optical, chromatic or gradation characteristics, which will have changed significantly over the years, especially in view of the age of most scanners.

This comes later at the end of the editing stage (usually in Photoshop), when the image is converted using the appropriate CMYK profile, such as 'Fogra 39'. They are available for several modern (but not older) photographic emulsion types.

Nessus Professional and Nessus Manager features 2 PCI related scan templates: Internal PCI Network Scan This template creates scans that may be used to satisfy internal (PCI DSS 11.2.1) scanning requirements for ongoing vulnerability management programs that satisfy PCI compliance requirements.

These scans may be used for ongoing vulnerability management and to perform rescans until passing or clean results are achieved.

Then in Step 8 it recommends assigning a different profile if the color balance appears incorrect. It's best to select the correct profile when you open the file, then use other adjustments.

Manufacturers often supply ICC profiles with driver software CDs or on their websites. They can be inaccurate or out of date, but I've had good luck with profiles for the Epson 2200.This means that ICC profiles are not applied when producing RAW files.

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